WAMECH Company’s  production bases on precise welding of metal materials. During our twenty five years of business activity we were able to create a team of highly skilled professionals welders. Quality requirements which are being stated for our products are conforming the ISO 3834-2 restrictive standard. Due to continuosly improvement of employees qualifications and aiming to deliver the highest quality products welding services offered by our company guarantee satisfactory execution of the order.


Qualifications and skills of our crew allow to execute a wide scope of wedling activities

Implemented certification of ISO 9001:200, ISO 3834-2 and well developed quality department guarantees the proper execution of order

Our company has two welding – production halls located in Skawina and Krakow.

We are able to realise order of any size and complexity both in scope of welding components and complete products

Our experience allow us to optimise both cost and actions required for efficient execution of tasks

Perfect solution in case of short series or many different welding kinds and points for which the creation of robot template is senceless


Ideal precision and speed of welding

Optimisation of welding  costs in case of long production series

Weld quality control, perfect repeatability of welds

Robot is equipped with single-axis of 500 kg load which allow to weld wide scope of elements

Implemented ISO 9001:2008, ISO 3834-2 certification and well developed quality control department guarantee perfect execution of orders